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Retirement Income Calculator

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Strategy A (Conventional Wisdom): I will wait until I am my Required Minimum Distributions age before withdrawing from my IRA, 401(k), or other tax deferred accounts, unless withdrawals are needed sooner to meet my target income.

Strategy B: I would like to see if I can reduce my taxes by starting withdrawals from my tax-deferred accounts before my RMD age in the amount of each year until I reach my RMD age.


We plan on retiring when I reach years old (one must be at least 60)/ My spouse will be when I retire.

Social Security

My Social Security will be /year and will start when I turn years old.

My spouse’s Social Security will be /year when she/he turn years old.

Pension and Other Income

Our combined pensions will be - /year ($0 if no pension) when I turn years old.

We expect combined other income (including taxable annuities) of -/year starting with my retirement year.

Tax-Deferred and other Accounts

We expect to have combined 401k, IRA, and other tax deferred accounts with a total value of in the year we retire.

We expect to have combined already-taxed accounts such as bank accounts, Roth IRA and 401(k) accounts, mutual funds, money market and other investments with a total value of in the year we retire.

Growth Rate

I expect our accounts to grow each year, after inflation, at the rate of % in the year we retire.

Target Annual Income

Our total target annual income in the year I retire is

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