Seven Favorite Free Retirement Financial Planning Websites

Both to research my book and for my own personal retirement financial planning, I found that searches tended to bring me back to certain resources over and over again. The following (in no particular order) are among the sites that rose to the top based on the strength of the content, the underlying expertise, the clarity of writing, and ease of navigation.


The AARP’s site includes all things retirement including a number of resources related to finances. Check out their 401k calculator.

The site is frequently updated and includes subpages on broad topics including taxes, saving and investment, and insurance.

2. Center for Retirement Research

This center at Boston College writes on cutting-edge retirement financial issues. Their article on taxes in retirement is particularly relevant. They also have periodic updates through their Squared Away Blog.


This one may be obvious but it is always good to get information straight from the horse’s mouth. Sometimes summaries in articles are not good enough, such as when you need to know How to calculate estimated tax payments.

4. Motley Fool

This one may also be familiar for general investing advice, but may not be as well known for its retirement advice including basic retirement planning.


This CPA website stands out for its focus on the intricacies of retirement financial planning presented in a relatively readable fashion. He posts frequent updates including through his Blog searchable for articles about retirement planning.


Kiplinger tends to push its paid products, but also has useful free information, especially when it comes to recent changes in tax laws or rules. Check out their Retirement page.

7. Favorite website nobody seems to talk about: Congressional Research Service

This site includes reports prepared for Congress to help guide policy decisions. It is used by both parties and is well written. Their report is in depth on Taxation of Social Security benefits.

While you are there you can find reports about just about anything, from Artificial intelligence to Ukraine war legal justification.